Ordinary People

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to be able to make a Great Living given the option of having a great business with minimal investment. This isn’t a scam, it truly is something that a lot of Americans are turning to. Who has a stable job these days with a company that is Loyal to them or you to the company because you are trying to find the highest earnings possible for you and your family? Be your own CEO, CFO, COO, be your own regional manager, supervisor or manager. Whatever the title you can have it, but only by having your own business and helping others become successful. When you help enough others become successful you will too. Ego does not buy you a home, car, friends, or money in the bank. Be unselfish with your time, efforts, and ability everything else will come. We can’t be successful if we can’t build a team, I would rather have efforts of 1% of a 100 people than a 100% of one person, me, don’t you agree? Get A New Beginning… Make A New Life.


Network Marketer, “No Lie.”

Well to give you some background of how I got into the business was because of my daughters boyfriend.  He was only trying to help, our family was going through a hard time with my mother-in-law being very ill at the time and my wife having panic attacks.  My wife had been told that tea would help her with the anxiety and tried many teas with no success, making our life a living Hell along with her mothers who again was not doing well. She prayed every day the new tea that she just made would be the One tea that would help her, green tea, black tea, rose tea, sweet tea, you name it she drank it.  Nothing helped and she was in desperate need and would not go to the doctor for fear that she would be placed on crazy pills.  No offense to you that truly need the meds, I just know my wife and she hates to see the doctor for fear that anything she has is hereditary, isn’t it all, go figure.

Back to the boyfriend and how we got started in Network marketing.  He told my wife that he had some tea that would be able to help her at this point she was skeptical, but would give it one more try.  It was called Gano Tea and for the first time in a long time she was finally able to sleep after all the Prayer before she drank it.  She was convinced that it was the prayer and not the tea, it might have been a little prayer as well thanks to the boyfriend.  She was anxious to try it the second night again she was able to sleep, no more crying  during the day, panic attacks,anxiety and me wanting to, well I won’t say.  This was our first meeting with the kids parents and it all began that night, my wife was not going to allow me to leave without signing the contract, we started.

Now, I am not saying that we are Great at it or even close, but we are building our way knowing that this is a long term investment.  This is what I tell most folks and not to listen to those who say they are making a 6 figure income with no problem.  I tell them the truth about the business and what it takes and I usually put them in front of someone who knows.  This was the start of a great friendship with the kids parents and “wow” what a true team and how they work and they go non stop.  They were field workers with a dream and they have made it happen with hard work and perseverance.

I believe the immigrants in this country have the drive and dreams that we as US Citizens have forgotten and we have become lazy and spoiled.  

I have goals to become one of the leaders in the industry so that I am able to show others how to do this business and help them become successful.  Network Marketing, “No Lie” it is better than sitting home doing nothing at all for the future.

Network Marketing is for the below average person to make above average income.

-Donal Trump

Network Marketing, “No Lie.”